JICAボランティア床次あかねさんからのレポート The report from JICA volunteer in Sri Lanka.












  Hello, my name is Akane Tokonami from Yuwa, Akita City. 

  I’ve been working in Sri Lanka as a JICA volunteer from October 2011. I will be back to Japan in January 2014.

  Currently I am a teacher of a Japanese cooking class in a hotel school of Ahangama City, which is located in the south of Sri Lanka. 

    This school was established by the U.S. government to support reconstruction from the tsunami damage caused by the 2004 Northern Sumatra earthquake. 

    We have 4 courses of studies; cooking, bread making, housekeeping, and restaurant management. I’m teaching how to make Japanese cuisine in the cooking course.

    This school faces the sea, and its back gate links to a beautiful beach like a private one. So, this school has a good environment where one can take classes while hearing the sounds of the sea.   

  Since it’s difficult to get some materials such as dried seaweed or dried bonito needed to make Japanese cuisine in Sri Lanka, I get them sent from Japan. 

  In this country we can get soy sauce but it’s too expensive to buy. Although I have these kinds of difficulties to give my lectures, I want my students to learn a lot about Japanese dishes, even just a little, from my classes. 

  I introduce to them not only how to cook but also Japanese cultures such as Origami or Japanese language in my classes. 
  I hope they understand and make use of the knowledge that I’ve told them for their future.

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